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Fire Prevention Unveils Free Chanukah Activity Book to Promote Fire Safety Education

In a remarkable initiative to enhance fire safety education within the Jewish community. The Lakewood Fire Department, Fire Prevention Specialist Sima Clapman, unveils a free Chanukah Activity Book available for download.

As the festive season approaches, Sima Clapman recognizes the importance of combining the joy of Chanukah celebrations with crucial fire safety awareness. The Chanukah Activity Book is thoughtfully designed to engage children and families in an interactive learning experience, incorporating valuable fire safety tips and guidelines in a fun and informative manner.

The free downloadable Chanukah Activity Book includes a variety of engaging activities, puzzles, and illustrations, all aimed at educating children about fire safety while celebrating the traditions of Chanukah. Sima Clapman believes that integrating these lessons into holiday festivities is an effective way to promote a culture of safety and prevention.

“We want families to enjoy the holiday season while also staying mindful of fire safety,” says Sima Clapman. “This Chanukah Activity Book is a small contribution to fostering a safer environment within our communities.”

For more information and additional fire safety resources, please visit our website at to download a Chanukah Activity Book or contact the Lakewood Fire Department at (732) 364-5151

Click to download: Chanukah fire safety