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Lakewood Fire Department Conducts High Rise Operations Training at Local Construction Site

The Lakewood Fire Department successfully conducted a high-rise operations training session on June 18, 2024, at a building currently under construction at 1600 Avenue of the States, in Lakewood. This exercise provided an invaluable opportunity for our firefighters to hone their skills in standpipe system operations, ensuring that they are well-prepared for high-rise emergencies.

The training included the use of a drafting tank, with valuable support from the Pleasant Plains Fire Department, who provided their tanker tender and drafting tank. While not necessary for this building or area, the inclusion of the drafting tank was an excellent training opportunity for our firefighters. It allowed them to practice drafting from a drafting tank while providing water to a fire, which is essential for areas in town that do not have fire hydrants.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the building owner, Mr. Mark Chopp, and project manager Mr. Chaim Friedman, for generously allowing us to use their premises for this critical training. Their cooperation significantly enhances our ability to protect the community effectively. We also thank the Pleasant Plains Fire Department for their collaboration and resources, which greatly contributed to the success of the training.

The Lakewood Fire Department continually seeks realistic training environments to better prepare our team for various emergency scenarios. If you own a house or building and are willing to support our training efforts, please contact us through our websites contact page or call our office at 732-363-5151. Your assistance is crucial in helping us maintain the highest level of readiness and safety for our community.