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LFD Acknowledges Lakewood Police Department’s Communication Division

The Lakewood Fire Department proudly acknowledges and commends the exceptional efforts of the Lakewood Police Department’s Communication Division in the creation of an innovative Alarm Assignment Program for the Fire Department.

At its February 12, 2024, meeting, the Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners recognized the invaluable collaboration and dedication demonstrated by the Lakewood Police Department’s Communication Division. Their unwavering commitment to public safety and efficient emergency response has significantly contributed to the development and implementation of this program.

 The Lakewood Police Department Communication Division serves as the dispatch agency for the Township. They operate the emergency service dispatching system for police, fire, and other emergency services. Dispatchers are responsible for ensuring safe and efficient handling of emergency calls, ultimately providing the highest quality of service to our citizens.

 Alarm Assignments are associated with an electronic system that categorizes and prioritizes emergency incidents based on the type and severity of the situation. When a fire or other emergency occurs, the system automatically assigns a predefined level of response, which mobilizes specific resources such as fire engines, ladder trucks, and support units to the incident location.

 The Lakewood Fire Department and the Lakewood Police Department dedicated hundreds of hours to creating a custom-designed protocol from scratch. This protocol, now part of the Alarm Assignment Program, is designed to streamline the emergency response process, ensuring that the appropriate personnel and equipment are dispatched promptly to the scene. It helps in efficiently allocating resources based on the nature and scale of the incident, allowing fire departments to manage their resources effectively and respond to emergencies in a coordinated and timely manner. The system also aids in communication and coordination among different units and agencies involved in the emergency response effort.

 The combined effort stands as a testament to the cooperative spirit within our community’s public safety agencies. This innovative system aims to enhance communication and coordination between the departments, ensuring a more rapid and effective response to emergency situations.

 Chief Yahr, of the Lakewood Fire Department, commends the exemplary work of the Lakewood Police Department’s Communication Division, stating, “The success of the Alarm Assignment Program is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of our colleagues at the Lakewood Police Department. Their commitment to public safety and seamless coordination has significantly improved our emergency response capabilities.”

 “We extend our sincere appreciation to the Lakewood Police Department’s Communication Division for their outstanding work and dedication to the safety of our community. The Alarm Assignment Program is a testament to their commitment to excellence in public service,” stated Fire Commissioner Harrison Pfeffer, Vice-Chairperson of the Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners.

 The Lakewood Fire Department looks forward to continued collaboration with the Lakewood Police Department, fostering a strong partnership that prioritizes the safety and well-being of our residents.